Why is email verification necessary?

Email communication is the primary means to communicate with customers, prospects and partners. If an email address is incorrect or invalid, then the communication channel is broken.

  • Improve marketing campaign performance
  • Prevent black list risk & improve sender reputation
  • Enhance lead quality for your sales team – ensure inbox deliverability
  • Identify dirty lead sources – visual analytics show problem areas
  • Upgrade any existing verification capabilities of your CRM systems and list sources
  • Continuously ensure the validity of your prospect database

What are some of the negative impacts of invalid email addresses?

Wasted Time – If you collect email addresses at a trade show, give away trials/samples in exchange for email addresses, collect email addresses on your website for follow-up calls, or any other email address acquisition activities, it is all for naught if the email addresses are invalid. You have wasted time collecting the email addresses and wasted time responding.

Wasted Money – It costs money to send marketing emails. Email marketing services charge based on the quantity of emails that you send, and your campaign ROI is based on the ratio of emails sent and customer responses. If the email addresses are invalid, disposable, role-based, or in a geographic region outside of your market – you are wasting money by sending ineffective emails. You are also miscalculating your ROI because an invalid email address can never have an ROI.

Wasted Effort – Your delivery rate determines your email marketing’s success or failure. In order to engage a prospect or customer with an email campaign, it is absolutely necessary that your message reaches their inbox.

Blacklist Risk – If you send emails to invalid email addresses, then email servers may flag you as a spammer and 1) block your domain & IP address and 2) report your domain & IP address to blacklist. Once you are on a blacklist, other email servers will proactively block emails coming from you.

Honeypots – Certain email addresses are honeypots. These are email addresses that are used to detect spammers. Whether you acquired a honeypot email from a trusted partner email list, from a competitor entering the email address on your website, or by an accidental typo….the result is the same. You will be labeled a spammer if you send an email to a honeypot email address. Read more about honeypots…

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