Why YouVerifyIt?

    Our proprietary verification process does not use stale data to verify email addresses i.e. we don’t determine validity by looking up the email address in a static database, rather we “triangulate” the validity of the email address in real-time by gathering multiple data points from the internet.

    Unlike many verification vendors that are limited by their data center capacity, our platform is built in the cloud using services on Amazon, Google, Azure and Digital Ocean to achieve peak reliability, availability and performance.

Improve marketing campaign performance

Successful email marketing is dependent on the accuracy of your email lists. YouVerifyIt’s proprietary verification process saves time, money and effort.

By using YouVerifyIt, you will improve email campaign deliverability and overall marketing performance by increasing:

    1. number of delivered messages
    1. open rates
    1. click through rates
    1. conversions
  • Start seeing inbox success and start converting prospects into customers!

    Your sender reputation is important

      “Email sender reputation, and not content, is the major factor in whether your email reaches the inbox. 83% of the time, sender reputation is the cause of filtering” – Return Path

    Sending email to a honeypot address can damage your sender reputation. YouVerifyIt reduces your risk of emailing these addresses which not only protects your reputation, but also increases your sender score. The higher your score and reputation, the higher your deliverability.

    Sending an email to an invalid address causes it to bounce. The higher your bounce rate, the lower your sender score. The lower your sender score, the more often you get blocked.

    1. avoid being blacklisted
    1. avoid honeypots
    1. increase sender score
    1. protect sender reputation
    1. improve inbox placement
  • Increase your sender score and increase your inbox placement!

    Real time + Batch Verification

    Bulk email verification can be performed by uploading a .csv file with your email list using our dashboard or API. This is the preferred method when processing large volumes of email addresses quickly and efficiently, allowing you to obtain more granular analytics.

    Real time verification can be performed by integrating our API into your application or website. Being able to act on an invalid email addresses in real time offers you the opportunity to correct mistakes and avoid issues. Verify and convert your leads in real-time.

    Verify your email addresses in 2 easy steps!
      1. Upload Your List – Upload your .csv file using our dashboard or API.
      2. Download your results – Once alerted that your list has been verified, you can download the results with the click of a button.

    Accepts All Network verified – server accepts all local addresses
    Valid Network verified
    Invalid Address invalid. Ex. syntax, unknown domain, disposable, honeypot, no MX Record etc.
    Unknown No way to triangulate the validity of the address

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